Heavy-lift cargo loading and offloading

Situated on the river Rhine in the Port of Mannheim, our tri-modal terminal features overhead cranes with lifting capacities of up to 165 tonnes and large warehouse facilities. It is fully equipped to transfer heavy-weight cargo from one transport carrier to another. Not only can we provide the transshipment of heavy-lift goods between inland waterway, road and rail, we can also temporarily store oversized and heavy cargo.

A large portion of the goods we tranship travels on the river Rhine straight to the North Sea ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam. In combined transport inland vessels are a particularly efficient way to move heavy-weight cargoes. Whilst the surface transport of out-of-gauge cargoes is often complex and costly - e.g. permits need to be obtained and the route prepared - moving them by inland vessel offers planning certainty, is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. It also contributes to reducing congestion on motorways and lowering the carbon footprint.

Use our terminal to load or offload your goods and enjoy the many benefits combined transport offers.

Your benefits at a glance

  • We use an overhead crane to load and offload cargo weighing up to 165 tonnes
  • We are excellently connected to the road, railway and waterway network, which enables us to facilitate combined transport
  • We can transfer cargo from trucks or the railway directly onto inland vessels with just one lift
  • We provide access to convenient and cost-efficient transport on the Rhine straight to the North Sea ports
  • We facilitate processes and reduce the impact on the environment
  • We offer free-of-charge temporary storage of your goods for up to three days

Excellent Transport Connections

Waterborne Transport

The river Rhine is one of the most important and busiest waterways in the world, on which goods of all kinds can be moved cost-efficiently and safely to Europe’s large seaports - Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Roughly 80% of all cargo transported by inland vessel in Germany is moved on this major waterway that runs right through Mannheim. Moreover, from the Rhine, canals provide access to most other North Sea ports and even to the Black Sea: cargo loaded at our terminal has been shipped to Bremerhaven, Hamburg and down the Danube river.

Road Transport

Our terminal is accessible by road via the A6 autobahn [motorway] or Bundesstraße [main road] 36, Hafen/MA-Rheinau-Süd exit, just 2.5 kilometres away. Our terminal has sufficient space to temporarily house out-of-gauge vehicles to unload their cargo right on the pier or in our warehouse.

Rail Transport

Our terminal is connected to the railway network of Deutsche Bahn AG, the German Federal Railway. The double tracks run alongside the water all the way up to and right underneath our heavy-duty crane. You can conveniently send your goods by rail and we will transfer them onto an inland vessel or a truck with just one lift.